DevOps by day, digital enthusiast by night

Never Slow Down

It’s both a blessing and a curse, never being quite satisfied with the status quo and always looking for the better thing. I’ve given myself several opportunties to fix my site for a while now, and I just wasn’t able to convince me that it was worth the effort do get another SQL backed system running again. Just too much effort for to little gain. So, for the moment anyway, I’m using Hugo to generate my stuff.

Keeping busy

I’ve been doing some work behind the scenes on my site and the site automation. First off, I’m planning on moving from Github to Gitlab. Mostly because Gitlab is totally open source, vs Github which isn’t completely. Second, the Ghost blog software has gone to a major version release and has added some tools that mean I need to pretty much completely rewrite my automation. Since I’m doing all of that I’ve also been working on setting up Amazon S3 as a convenient backup target.

More harm at a fundamental level

This hasn’t been a great couple of weeks for the internet as a free and open platform. Nilay is much better at explaining these things than I am.

A reminder for my friends using Windows

If you run Microsoft Windows (any version) as your daily driver I have an important reminder for you. You should not be operating normally as an administrator account. Most of the Windows vulnerabilities out there take advantage of the exploited user being able to access an admin role. Please do yourself a favor: create a new account (e.g. MichaelAdmin) and give it administrator rights. Log into that user and degrade the rights on your current user to “standard”.

Ow, right in the internet

This morning it’s hard for me not to feel that between the FCC and the UK we are seeing the beginning of the end of the internet not being controlled by orgs that do not have the interests of average people in mind. It makes me sad.