A reminder for my friends using Windows

If you run Microsoft Windows (any version) as your daily driver I have an important reminder for you. You should not be operating normally as an administrator account. Most of the Windows vulnerabilities out there take advantage of the exploited user being able to access an admin role. Please do yourself a favor: create a new account (e.g. MichaelAdmin) and give it administrator rights. Log into that user and degrade the rights on your current user to “standard”.

The complex discussion around anti-virus software

Does anti-virus make you more or less secure? It seems like an odd question to ask, but it’s an important one and the conversation around it has been growing more nuanced in the last year. On it’s face, and for someone not steeped in internet and network security discussions it seems like the answer would be simple. I probably wouldn’t be writing about it if it was a simple answer.