Third (and fourth and fifth) parties have no place here.


Initially after setting up I had a ghost blog theme that had some nice options, and disqus enabled by default. Disqus seems like a good idea for allowing comments because it’s got all the social login features and I don’t have to host code that is likly to be abused (plus they handle spam etc).

Except I don’t like third parties. I don’t like relying on them and I don’t like the access that they get to my site by using their hosted code. So, I’m removing it (no one had yet commented anyway). I may look for another option for allowing comments, but in the meantime if you have a comment there are a number of ways to get ahold of me, and if it’s a comment worth sharing I’ll go ahead and post it.

If you ever notice third party code running on my site, let me know, I’ll take steps to ensure its removal.


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