Keeping busy

I’ve been doing some work behind the scenes on my site and the site automation. First off, I’m planning on moving from Github to Gitlab. Mostly because Gitlab is totally open source, vs Github which isn’t completely. Second, the Ghost blog software has gone to a major version release and has added some tools that mean I need to pretty much completely rewrite my automation. Since I’m doing all of that I’ve also been working on setting up Amazon S3 as a convenient backup target., now with automation

Over the last couple of weekends I’ve been doing some work on adding automation to I already had most of my configs out on github, but now I’ve updated that repo to include Ansible playbooks for the automated deploy and updating of my hosts. I haven’t nearly gotten everything that I want to do yet, but I’ve mad a good first pass. The updates in the repo include automated installation of base packages such as Nginx, Letsencrypt, and Mariadb, download, configuration and updating my deployments of the Ghost blogging platform, and installation of Hastebin (moving away from my modern-paste install).

Drowning in a digital ocean

Well, that was fast. In an effort to ever expand my experience and knowledge, and to test my own implementations, I’ve decided to go ahead and flip from AWS EC2 to DigitalOcean (DO). Mostly because EC2 is overly complex for what I need/want. It’s good exposure, but I’d rather have a simpler product that easy to understand. DO provides that. So I went ahead and created an account, if you want to do one you can get $10 of service by using this link for signup (and I’ll get a referral boost).