2-factor authentication comes to Protonmail: it's time to switch


As it stands today, email is the center of your digital life. Just about everything (important) you do comes back to your email account. And your most important accounts (financial) are vulnerable if your email account becomes compromised. Remember, nearly all services on the internet today use your email account to authenticate you, either primarily or as a last resort.

That is why 2-factor authentication (2FA) is so important for your email account and why I can’t really recommend a service that doesn’t support it. If your password gets out, if you had a bad password that was guessed, if you reused a password on another service (note: do none of those things) an attacker still would be unable to log in because they would not have your 2-factor code.

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So now that Protonmail officially supports 2FA it is now the email that you should start using! “Why?” I hear you ask? Well, I already mentioned it , but I’ll try again:

  • Protonmail’s business model is to deliver a secure email experience in exchange for your direct support (where other companies give you a “free” service in order to show you ads and collect your personal and private information to sell to advertisers)
  • Protonmail provides more security than other service (which is not to say perfect security, or enough, but much better)
  • Protonmail doesn’t want your private info because it doesn’t want to be capable of betraying your trust. The information is stored in such a way that it is not useful to them or anyone they could be force to share it with.
  • Swiss privacy laws are tons better than US privacy laws right now, AND they don’t have FISA.

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