The Day of Bad Dreams


FATE! I get to play FATE! I get to run a Dresden Files game! I’m so exciting!

FATE character creation is so much fun for me, and Dresden Files has a whole City Creation section. We’re going to set this in New Orleans, which I’ve been itching to set a game in.

This will be a replacement for our Sunday game. We were playing Numenera previously, I’m a fan. I’ll be hoping to get back to it before long.

I’m enjoying prepping for DF a lot. I’ve got a template that I’m using for NPCs:

## High Concept
## Trouble
## Skills
## Powers
## Stress
## Notes
## Total Refresh Cost

Which I intend to use for other games I run going forward, even if they’re not FATE based. Its a really nice summary of an NPC (Total refresh clearly wouldn’t make the transition).

It turns out I get to plan for running another game as well, but more on that later.

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