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I don’t recall exactly how I became aware of the Storium kickstarter. Early enough that it still was climbing through its goals. “Very interesting”, I thought. I pinged some friends to gauge interest and found several receptive to the concepts. It’s a shared storytelling experience with some structure to help factiliate accomplishment, failure and progression. Useful tools, very much in the manner of some roleplaying games I’ve been interested in recently. As a primiarily written dialog the game rules are far more loose, and just act as guides rather than as explicit arbiters of success and failure.

I’ve only just started running my first game with a small group to try and feel things out. The mechanics are both intuitive and unfamiliar, both for a GM and a player. There is a lot more control than most players are used too, and that can be a little scary. The players have a lot more control; you no longer ask a question to determine what is going on, you simply provide the answer. GMs sacrifice complete narrative control in exchange for players having to do some of the work.

The result, I expect, is game that everyone is more invested in, because they all actually invested more in it. There is a see-saw of ideas where first you give and then you take. Everyone puts a little slice of their ideas into the game and the whole table benefits.

I am already trying to think of another game that I’d like to run, and I may hit up the forums to find a game I can play in. This seems to be a great outlet for creativity, and I am looking forward to seeing just what we can create.


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