I jockey data better when I'm high


*translated from Japanese

Chichi, It seems that I’ve been pulled together with some other runners, and it’s turning into drek, fast. It should have been a milk run, and I guess you could say it was, but there were strings attached. The stiff we jacked really was stiff, and we wound up holding some paydata when we rolled his stash. Our Johnson was feeling loyal, generous, or possibly treacherous and keyed us in.

zer0kawa took some time and found that the extra comm (a hermes ikon!) had a hidden store, and ripped the file. The contents were messed, but it was a log of referencing something called operation Daybreak. It seems that the data might have been assembled by a guy named Seth Deitrich who went MIA while investigating this Brackhaven guy. From everything I’ve found Brackhaven is bad news and may have some corps backing him up (I don’t know anyone with that kind of pull who doesn’t). Renraku’s name came up, but may not be related. If we want to know more we need to find a wiz named Bull McCallister, who’s some redhot Underground orc.

We may not need to though, seems like this link belongs to Seth, and he wants his data back. Thats the tale, but I expect for him to try to frag us. We’ve got a handoff at the St Lewis zoo tomorrow, I think the guys are gonna check it out tomorrow morning. I’m running hot and I can’t slow down, so I think I’m going to need to take another hit to get to the other side of this mess before I crash.

Tomi is doing well, but we need money in order to continue to put her through school. She’s doing well, but I think she worries about me. Haha would be so proud of her, shes really doing a great job.

We miss you chichi.


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